Test Days

Several times during the year, skaters enrolled in our STARSkate program will have the opportunity to take Skate Canada tests through a nationally standardized testing system.  Being tested is an integral part of a skater's development in the STARSkate program.  Not only does it build confidence, it measures a skater's progress and it allows them to see the results of their hard work.


There are four categories of tests:  Dance, Interpretive, Freeskate, and Skating Skills.  Once a skater passes a test in a category, they can then move on to the next level in that category. 


Test days are scheduled and a Skate Canada judge will come to the rink to evaluate the skaters who are ready to test.  Generally, the skater's coach will decide when a skater is ready.


All skaters who test must pay a test fee.  These fees are due one week before the test is skated. The fee includes the Skate Canada portion of the fee, which is forwarded to Skate Canada, and the Caledon Centennial Skating Club administration fee. The Caledon fee goes towards food, a small gift and a mileage allowance for the evaluator as they are volunteers and are not paid for their services. This administration fee also covers any office supplies and postage directly required for test days. 


On test day, it is important for skaters to arrive about one hour ahead of time as test days can get ahead of schedule. Make sure that your skates and skating attire are neat and clean. It is the skater’s responsibility to keep all their test sheets as there are sometimes errors in the records and it may be necessary to prove you have passed a pre-requisite test to continue. Should a skater fail to show for a test, the test fee is still payable and the test will be listed as “retry” on the submitted test forms. 


High tests are skated outside of our club.  Talk to your coach about whether a skater is approaching high test levels.



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